Find The Treasure

Transformed into a Ninja hero on the most exciting adventure ever. You appeared in a maze-like place. Your goal is to find a way out and go on this adventure in the game Find The Treasure at There will be a lot of obstacles but it will also be an opportunity to help you move up to the upper floors and collect gold coins. Let's go on this adventure with lots of levels behind. There will be many different paths depending on your choice. You need to be very agile trying to collect all the required amounts in this game and pass the level.

Unlock countless levels to follow. The game will tell you how many times you can make a mistake. You can then start the game over. But if you have used up all these times then you will have to stop the game. Try to be careful with every step you take. There will be a lot of pitfalls that appear as saws move around. The higher floors are rushing towards you. You need to observe and use your intelligence to avoid them.

Luckily smile at you? This depends a lot on your skill. Please bring this game to relieve a lot of stress and give yourself a certain joy from the game. You can fully explore for your future and an ingenious skill. Jump up and jump up high and seek for yourself to know the different ways out. Hurry up and invite your friends to join the game Find The Treasure at friv free games to become the best ninja heroes and add a few other similar game genres like Minesweeper Mania and What Is Wrong

Control: Use mouse to along arrow keys to move your hero.