It's Story Time!

Its Story Time is a mobile game that combines hidden object and puzzle type. A list has been prepared for daily activities; Let is find out how to do them.. The game includes a variety of mini-games with creative puzzles that require creative thinking to solve. You'll be tasked with finding hidden objects, dragging and dropping items to mix them, removing parts of objects, opening closets and drawers, and more. If you get stuck, you can use the hint button for assistance. It's Story Time is a fun and engaging game that's suitable for players of all ages and is sure to improve your focus and attention.

At each level we must complete a daily activity. We will try to understand what the activities contain from the icons at the bottom. We must complete these activities using the surrounding objects. Objects that seem meaningless at first glance will show us that they have a function when we think a little. An X will appear when you click on an unnecessary location. You can pass the level when you reach 1 star. But every star counts; because you will need to have a certain number of stars to unlock the next levels. You can replay old levels and increase stars to get more stars.

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How to play:

To play, click or tap on an object to select it and take it.

If the object is movable, hold down your mouse button or finger and drag it to a new location.