Susun Atas

A company is lacking in staff. They want you to join this work. Are you willing to help them? You can help them and you are confident that you will do the job very well. What are you waiting for? You will complete all those missions in the fastest way. Get ready to be the fastest guy in line. What are the rules in this friv game? Find your quest. Now you are hired to work in a shipping company. This is your first day working here, so you have to show your best. But unfortunately on your first day at work, you get the toughest job professionals have to do.

You must load the packages into trucks quickly and accurately. Maybe you thought you were going to work for a while and would get fired soon, but that's okay because at least you tried to do a good job. Before the packages are loaded into the truck, adjust the positions of the packages and do not allow them to flip or flip. Rotate the package until the arrow in the pack is pointing up by clicking on it.

When you click on a package, it rotates counterclockwise. You need to quickly adjust the packages to the correct position. Because the packages will be delivered very quickly. The game has a lot of interesting things. You will play well and score the highest score. If you do not queue up in time, the cargo will be dangerous again. Join the Susun Atas online game now friv. You will be playing some more games like Pizza Delivery Puzzles and Where Is My Ruffed Bird. Even more fun!

How to play: Use mouse.