Long Night

Will the risk of the earth give you victory? This depends on your wisdom. Join now in an extremely interesting running game Long Night at ... You can walk at night or jump on top of anything you want in this game. You will need to perform high jumps to be able to dodge all the characters that appear in the game. Are you ready?

Join now. Enjoy a lot of wonderful things after a dark bath. You can move wisely and bring yourself and victory by jumping very high. For each obstacle that appears, you need to speed up. Then jump all the obstacles ahead. If you don't want to stop the game right now. This is an infinitely long-running game. How will you finish the game?

Let everyone see your adventure in the walking game at night. But no one will warn you that there are many mysteries in this game that will appear. Take a breath of fresh air and immediately behind you are strange objects evil ghosts. You have no choice but to hide and run on this evil road to avoid the pursuit of the guys behind and in front.

Help your character survive to the end of the road and get yourself the highest score. It's nice that you can share this game with your friends. together with your friends join now in the game Long Night at … to start together and a game in a most fierce night. enjoy a few more similar running game genres like ... at …

Control: Use arrow keys to control your character.