Rope Help

Extending a rope to help those who are trapped is what you need to do in the game Rope Help at play friv games. You can explore this game online for free in your browsers. The game is sure to make you feel like you've never had it before. Do you know what is the first thing you have a chance to become a winning player? That is you need to understand the rules of the game. Don't worry, I will show you the best way to play.

Your goal in this game is to rescue the people who are stuck in a fire. So save them by connecting a long line so they can hang on. Many people are waiting for you. Be quick to free all. But later on, there will be obstacles that make it difficult for you. Those are the blocks that appear so you can't connect the line. Go around and think of a path and help everyone on safe land.

Using your observation and your intelligence to play the game can accomplish the task given by the game. Overcoming many challenges to bring yourself a high score. You must also complete the puzzles and protect all your characters. Let's use your brain to overcome the obstacles that the game causes difficulties. What do you think if you share this game Rope Help at with your friends and invite your friends to join now in the game to become the heroes to save the world. Let's explore adding some other interesting game genres like Catch the Candy and My Dolphin Show 1 HTML5 

How to play: Use mouse to be able to connect the ropes.