Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss is a simple beat the boss game with a dark and sense of humour. All you really have to do is find the right object to click on. Once your do that, a short animation will unfold taking place in the same cubicle. Each of them focussed on you while beating, fighting and killing your boss. 

In this morbidly fun boss fighting game, you can play along to make an emotionally unstable, psychopathic employee turn everyday office items into deadly murder weapons. Watch him beat, bludgeon and skewer his disapproving boss with all kinds of objects, lying around at the workplace. Each deadly sequence of Whack Your Boss ends with a huge display of blood and cartoon violence, leaving the boss killed and your character relaxing after a job well done.

With the push of a button, the cleaner will show up and remove any and all evidence of the brutal killing that just took place. This allows you to look for a new way to obliterate the body of your boss once more. Scan the entire workplace for new items to activate in the hopes of watching a new killing animation unfold. Stick it to the boss, and defeat him using the only tool that is sure to get the job done: a little bit of the old ultraviolence.

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