Mope .io

In Mopeio all players are animals, which eat berries, spawn and other players in order to grow and survive as long as possible. You start off at the bottom of the food chain as a land or a water animal, as you eat and drink water, you gain experience, which is needed to evolve into a different creature. The more you evolve, the more varied becomes your diet and the more useful abilities you acquire, for instance, pigs can slide in mud, lions can roar, penguins can slip on ice and dragons can fly!

Friendly players/objects are indicated through a light green border that outlines the objects, dangerous players are indicated with a red border, make sure you avoid these players as a newbie! Land animals can eat water animals and vice versa, altogether there are 3 fields in Mope IO: water, land and arctic snow. Let's experience Mope IO on friv Games for kids online to feel the fun of the game.

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How To Play: Mouse + Arrow