An extremely new ball fight has just been released that is Pinball.VS at play free friv Games. This is a fighting game where you don't need to spend any money to play. There will be 6 blue balls and 6 red balls. You will be the red team; your goal in this game is to shoot the blue balls for them to fall into the water. To be able to shoot them without you losing the ball. You need to control the firing force accordingly.

If you shoot too hard you will lose your ball. Shoot with moderate force to push the opposing team to the ground and keep your ball. If the team that still has the last surviving ball will become the winning player. Observing and using your intelligent brain can think about which shot the ball is suitable to be able to eliminate all your opponents. The game gives you great relaxation as well as job-hunting skills.

Train your ingenuity in this powerful fighting game and eliminate all your opponent balls at all levels. Fun battling with the challenge of a given game. Entertaining and comfortable with the wonderful things that the game Pinball.VS at bring you. Do not keep this relaxing game for yourself but share it with your friends. Join your friends now to join the game to become the best team in this battle. If the game leaves you much impressed, allow yourself to explore adding to a similar game genre and 

How to play: Use mouse to be able to push the blue ball.