Welcome to an extremely new type of game that has just been released at friv 2020 games. This game certainly never had the opportunity to participate. It will bring you many interesting things that you have never had before. What you need to do right now in the game is to move your character as many points as possible and be the coolest. For you to do this you need to collect on diamonds and apples that appear on the surrounding map. Thanks to apples, you can completely restore health after each battle.

Every time the opponent is killed there will be lots of diamonds falling out. Use that opportunity to rush forward and collect diamonds. You will shoot sword attack with fire, shoot from fireballs and use different weapons by all means to be able to destroy the fierce opponents currently on this map. There will be many levels in every place you need to dodge. Your opponents will be vulnerable to attack by small, fast opponents.

Trying to collect more diamonds and red apples gives you a chance to become a leader in this ranking. Try to collect yourself a lot of powerful combat weapons. Interesting things that are only available in games at It's fun to share the game with your friends. Join your friends right now in the game, there is still a lot of chance to start a fight with the most fierce opponent ever. Please allow yourself to participate in some other similar fighting games and 

How to play: Use the mouse to be able to conquer your opponent.