Prison Escape Plan

Prison break is a very important and difficult task and you need to perform. Are you ready to start on this mission? The game Prison Escape Plan at friv games is waiting for you. You discover countless new things that you have never had before. Do not hesitate to start now. 3 prisoners are devising a plan necessary for this to be able to escape from the prison. But they could not carry out this plan. They are asking for help from you. Your task is to kidnap these Three Prisoners from the prison as a professor.

But unfortunately, many policemen are guarding this prison. Try your best to help the three prisoners escape. Remember that you should not be caught by police using a detector. Move gently and look around whenever you see light from the police. Return to a safe hiding place and move well enough to be able to help you get out of this prison. If the police detect you, you will be locked up in prison. Put all three of the mission winners in the easiest way. Stop when you feel unsafe. Challenge yourself more on an extremely difficult task.

You will find a lot of skills when you pass the level. Dodge all the pursuit of the police. Use your smart brain to be able to escape from this place. Countless great things are only in the game Prison Escape Plan at What do you think of when you share the escape game with your friends? Join your friends right now in the game so you can enjoy the thrill of escaping together. Don't forget to allow yourself to experience a few other similar fun games like Wild Animal Hunting and Square Bird

How to play:

Use mouse to be able to escape.