Deadly Hunter

Become the hunters to kill all the evil tigers in the online game, Deadly Hunter, at friv games online. You will completely do well this difficult task. Accept challenges from now on? We will have fun times together. You will love it the first time you play it. Tigers aren't too scary if you know how to use them to destroy them. Learn the rules in this game. Tiger trapped your friends, you need to rescue friends and then around obstacles to fight tigers, can save yourself. Your friends take a tour of the forest. But unfortunately, they met tigers.

They are confining friends elsewhere. They are looking forward to your arrival to save your life. You fight quickly and take them out of this dangerous place. You will use the sword to cut the tiger, besides there are obstacles that will help you fight the tiger. You master all the fighting skills. The tiger has long claws and it is very fierce, you should dodge its attacks. Find ways to properly destroy its weaknesses. You will feel very happy and comfortable when participating in this game.

Not too much pressure, you relax and use the sword flexibility that you will overcome easily. The tigers will yield under your sword. You will become good hunters for saving your friends. Would you like to experience the online game, Deadly Hunter, at If you love it, you can play some other similar games like Troll Face Quest: Video Memes and TV Shows: Part 1 and Adam and Eve GO. You will create friends with So the new record in the game. Enjoy now and start the beast hunt!


Use the left mouse button.