Highway Robbers

Welcome to the Highway Robbers online game at friv games. You will have the opportunity to train your peak driving skills. You will drive a crazy car with maximum speed to pass all other cars on the street. You can crash into median strips and fly over quickly. You will love it the first time you play it. You are completely brave enough to overcome. Enjoy the game now. We will learn together how to play and the rules to win this game.

Highway Robbers is about racing traffic, avoiding cars, obstacles, and police, collecting cars, and most importantly having fun. Collect coins, to get new cars and complete collections. Drive at full speed to score big and number 1. You will drive at an insane speed, you may cause constant crashes on the road. You can move to the lanes, avoiding all cars to minimize collision to avoid affecting your speed. You may be chased by police cars, speed up, and do not let them catch up.

Along the way, you try to collect lots of gold coins. When enough gold coins you will score a certain score. You can buy a more modern car and continue racing to another level. On busy street traffic, you are like a criminal who vandalizes street order. But it's fun to play hard with this game. Vivid graphic design will give you the most realistic feeling when playing. You are lost in the race in a beautiful city. There are a lot of interesting things in the online game Highway Robbers at https://friv2020.games/. This is a great opportunity for you to play some other similar games 3D Air Racer and Mountain Climb 4x4

How to play: Keys Arrows to play.