Control a small glowing snake and try to grow and take longer. All those exciting ways are only in the game at friv 2020 games online. What are you afraid of without challenging yourself right now? Enjoy this free online game for your browsers. You will accompany the snake. What you need to do is move it, it collects tiny glowing dots to make its size bigger. The more you collect it, the more chance it will grow.

But around you are always rivals who are intending to push you out of this game. They are large and move very fast, rushing towards you to destroy. But no, just watch and evade these giant snakes for your safety. Move to a position where there are no traps and try to collect as many glowing dots as possible. When you have a large size. You can go attack other snakes eat their crystals.

Take advantage of the opportunity when the big snakes die and eat the glowing dots. Can you become the longest living snake for this game? Try to climb to the top of this challenge. Just have the skillful skills. You can do it all. Start with a few more new challenges in the game at Do not hesitate to share this game with your friends. Join your friends now, join the jumping game to control the most powerful smart snake! Also, the interesting games and you play to be involved. Discovery starts right into another similar game card like Shark io and 

Control: Use mouse to be able to move, hold left to accelerate.