Green and Yellow Run

ellow and Green are so much fun! Join us in learning with yellow and green ducks, t-shirts, balloons and flowers! ... Come play the game with me!

As soon as you click on the screen, two characters: yellow and green will rush across the platform world and here you can’t hesitate. Press the up arrow and the W key to make the heroes jump over obstacles and jump on elevations. You need to play together, it will be quite difficult for one to control both runners, because they do not stop on a flat track and can easily fall into a hole or face dangerous monsters. They are invisible here. Some run on the platforms, while others jump right out of the water barriers in the Green and Yellow Run. The task is to run to the open door. If you have time, collect coins.

Are you ready for the adventure in the world full of adventures of green and yellow chubby men? You have to help them in this adventure they can only run they just run non stop. Its only up to you to stop them while theyre running and make them jump. Be careful, monsters are everywhere, they can eat you. But dont worry, you have to crush the monster to kill it. jump and crush. If you do not get the gold and the chest, the door will not open, but do not forget.

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Instruction to play: Mouse!