Remove Puzzle

Remove Puzzle is a very unique online puzzle game designed for kids, you can play free online at friv games free online. You can play it online for free. Remove all the squares on the screen and you will pass a level. You are only allowed to remove squares along the directions where nothing blocks them. At each level, the squares are placed in different combinations. And each level is harder than the former level. Good luck!

But even if you are a chaotic mess, you can succeed here by just removing things randomly. If you don't think long, you'll be faster and can get more done in less time. Play fast and try to remove the items you want as quickly as possible, jumping from one level to the next and being the winner in the end. What strategy will you use to become a real pro in this fun and popular game genre?

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Instruction to play:

 If you play on a PC: click the mouse to move

If you play on a mobile phone: Click buttons to move