Music Line 3

Control a small block to the end of the path and experience new challenges Music Line 3 at play friv for free 2020. Are you worried about having to pay some money to be able to play the game? No, you can join free online games on your computer or mobile browsers. While playing, you can enjoy the music that is too great, right? Your goal in this game is to move the little blue block to the finish line.

The game has six music themes, day and night two difficulty modes! Also, the game has hot and cool skin, including arrows, snowballs, fireballs, snakes, and snakes. The challenge is getting harder and harder, so the higher the percentage of each pass, the higher the quality of the items collected. Also, the game has increased the level of position so you will be very hard to pass.

Your blocks are out of control and going in the wrong direction. Your path moves back and zigzag. So you need to react very quickly to be on the right path that the game requires. Collect stars to bring yourself the victory. As long as you are slow, you will be able to stop the game at any time. Agile to carry blocks safely. Much more fun in the game Music Line 3 at Why don't you recommend this game to your friends? Invite your friends to start right now into the game to test your reflexes. It would be great if you allowed yourself to participate in some other similar game genres like Color Line and Push Block 

Control: use the mouse to be able to change direction.