Skate Hooligans

Unfortunately, you broke the glass and was discovered by the police. He is trying to chase you to get you to the police station. Don't let this happen, make the most fun race ever with this new mission with the game Skate Hooligans at frivgame 2020. You will perform on a path full of challenges. There will be obstacles that make it difficult for you along the way. If the obstacle is low, jump on it.

When it is a high obstacle, bend down. The cars on the road are getting in the way. How can you get out of this traffic jam? Jump on the roof of cars. If there are gold coins and dodge them. If you are unlucky in a car or an obstacle you will have to stop the game now. Luck will come to you in this game? This is an extremely entertaining game you will be fascinated by the challenge of the game.

Adventure with gold coins and challenges to training you with the best reflex skills. Try photo experience to experience the most stunts ever to get the feeling of adventure. Have fun along with the challenges of the game and overcome all the levels. All those great things are only in the game Skate Hooligans at What if you shared this game with your friends? Join your friends right now in the game for a chance to relax all the stresses. Experience adding a few other interesting game genres like Spider Zombie and Where's My Golf? 

How to play: Use the arrow keys to be able to perform stunts.