Thief Fps Fire Marshal

Get ready to take on a special mission into the fighting world of secret agents by joining the Thief Fps Fire Marshal online game at friv games. Did you know what you will do while playing this game? There will be secrets that cannot be revealed to the outside. Do you want to experience and challenge yourself as you go through dangerous places? All in this game. Take on quests and start threats when you are a high-level agent. You will love it the first time you play it. We will tell a detective and an extremely thrilling story in this game.

Let's all pray together for the survival of all of us. As a special force, you will receive secret missions to eliminate enemies and terrorists. Sneak into the terrorist base, find them, and zoom the lens to aim at your enemies! Take a deep breath… and activate Scout in immersive environments, engage in lightning-fast battles, and build the ultimate super-soldier as you customize the state of their art gear. You will move through the base area and look for their secrets. What events are they discussing and preparing for?

Proceed to stop and build your army to capture and destroy them. If you want to destroy those bases you must have a stronger army. We will do better than what they want. With vivid graphic design, you will experience a lot of realism like you are on the move in real life. Join Thief Fps Fire Marshal online game now Start the opportunity to be able to play some more games like Short Life 2 and Run Into Death

Game controls:

WASD - Move

left mouse button - Shoot

right mouse button - Aim - Accelerate

Ctrl - Crouch

T - Time Dilation

L - Cursor Lock

Space - Jump

V - Press.