Linear Basketball

Find yourself even more fun in an exciting online basketball sports game. Unlike other basketball games. You need to put it in the basket that in this game Linear Basketball at friv online you need to draw another path to help the ball fall from above to hit the basket. Can you draw the most accurate path? This depends on your wisdom. Let’s quickly find for yourself countless interesting things only in this exciting new basketball game. With so many different levels and ready to conquer it together?

Observe and draw the most accurate route to make the basketball possible to move and fall into the basket that the game requires. Each time you will pass the level and start with the next level. It will be even more difficult in the future because there will be pitfalls for you. The ball will fall unexpectedly from top to bottom. You need to wait for the ball to fall then immediately draw a road. It's too difficult, right? You need to be able to align a set speed and a very accurate observation to complete this task.

Because the ball moves very quickly and it can fly from bottom to top. If you are slow, you cannot help the ball fall into the basket. Requires you to have the most skillful skill to become the best player. Join this game Linear Basketball at together with your friends and invite your friends to conquer lots of balls on this difficult path. Explore more in a few other similar exciting game genres Golden Goal With Buddies and Pong Ball

Control: Use mouse to create the path the ball falls.