Jumper Rabbit

Experience the great challenges of playing the online game Jumper Rabbit at friv games. The bunny's moves will be fun when overcoming the obstacles. Start exploring now to have fun today. You will definitely love it the first time you play. What are you waiting for? Discover the rules of the game right now. Start to experience great challenges. Your rabbit will go on an adventure. Your task is to control the rabbit jump across all the platforms to collect carrots. You will feel very satisfied with this.

The rabbit will be filled with carrot belly and feel very healthy. Good control of your jumps will help you win this game. However, you need to obey the time order. When time starts to run, do you jump? During that time if you don't finish you will have to play again. You will have to stay away from the dangerous bird and blade obstacles. Please estimate and choose the correct time to be able to jump the right position. You will do well with all requirements of this game. What could be more fun than playing in a very interesting game? The rabbit will conquer an incredible height. You will be on high-rise buildings and watch the blue clouds.

Quite satisfied with the results of this game. With vivid graphic design, you will be participating in the game with realism, the sky floating above the sky will make you feel very interesting. Join now Jumper Rabbit online game at https://friv2020.games/. It's great if you join some other similar game Jet Boi and US Police Prisoner Transport

How to play: Use mouse to play.