Clock Challenge

Get ready to learn how to watch the time by joining the online game Clock Challenge at friv online. You will find it very fascinating. There are many surprises in this game. Everything is very simple to deal with. Gentle gameplay, not too difficult to play, children audiences will enjoy. You will love it the first time you play it.

Let's learn the rules in this game. Are you ready to start this game? This game has simple gameplay. The watch hands are spinning and all you have to do is touch or tap the screen when it reaches the specified number or hour. Also, if you click at the right time, the number will be pronounced, so this game can also be great for teaching kids how to read the clock and its numbers. But don't think that this game is just for kids. For adults, it also requires agility skills. If you do not believe you can try? Think of it as a quick and quick game. To be able to touch at the right time with a given number of hours, you have to click in the correct position when the clock hands are close to reaching. The clock hands rotate very quickly, if you pass, you will lose.

Your task is to observe well, correct manipulation to easily win. Will you feel dizzy? That is what makes it difficult for players. Don't worry, check the fitness of your eyes and brain to see how well they are? Are you ready to explore it? How many correct hours will you choose? Depends on how fast your eyes are. Prove to us that you are very good at this ability. Play now the online game Clock Challenge at Enjoy some other games similar to Sock Flow and Laser Maker

How to play: Use the mouse.