Save The Girl 2

Solve all the fun puzzles that racing games and rescue your woman. What's your item in this game? This is the second part of the funny game that has just been released. Are you ready to join the game Save The Girl 2 at friv games free to use your brain to solve all the fun puzzles? Is a woman walking on the road? She is probably being chased by someone. The game will present items that you can use and help her escape from this chase.

You can choose to go to the banana to help the enemy slide down to the ground. Then your girl will be safe and complete the quest given by the game. The levels behind are similar. You will need to choose one of two to help her become safe from attacks as well as countless difficulties in the quest that the game offers. There are plenty of fun moments and laughter to bring when you join this quest.

Can you answer the question correctly, like how do you get through a deep area? But the answer is not as simple as you think, but you will have to follow the direction of humorous thinking. Then that is the most accurate answer. Apply your smart filter in this game to help me experience a new feeling when participating in puzzle games. But this time let's join your friends in the game Save The Girl 2 at to find yourself relaxing moments after tiring working hours. Explore a few more interesting and impressive game genres such as Galaxy Defense and Super Wash 2

Control: use the mouse to find out the correct answers.