Money Movers 1

Join the online game Money Movers 1 now You play the role of naughty thieves who want to escape from prison. You will love the game the first time you play it. You will be an adventure in a chase and answer very funny puzzles. Find the right door and exit. Are you ready to accept the challenges of this game? Learn now how to play and become the winning player with the highest score. These two criminals need your help to escape this strict security prison. Steal as much money as possible and don't get caught by security.

The prison is very smartly designed, has surveillance cameras, has very professional guards. If you are not agile and skillful, you will be arrested immediately. There are many difficulties that make it impossible to get out of prison. The labyrinth-like walls are equipped with dangerous traps. You need to use your intellect to solve questions at each level and overcome it. Each level will have different challenges, increasing the level of difficulty requires you to think logically. If escaped easily, the game will be unattractive.

Please answer a lot of intellectual puzzles on many levels. How many levels will you pass? All thanks to your intelligence. Graphic design vivid, you will get lost in the prison full of deadly traps. Try to escape quickly. You will complete the mission and take 2 prisoners to escape safely. Good luck playing Money Movers at friv games 2020. Please invite your friends to join some other similar games Lucky Looter and Animal Dash And Jump

How to play: Arrow keys to play.