Monster Craft

Collect lots of diamonds to help you overcome the challenge right now in the game. Let's fight into a very amazing shooting game genre with lots of magic guys appearing. Are you ready to take on this new shooting mission? Let's explore the maze right now Monster Craft at friv games online. Appeared in an extremely dark and dark maze world. You will have to move and search for your opponent in this game.

They appear so suddenly you can never know where they are or what they are doing. So you have to be alert and watch your surroundings. Please reflect quickly and accurately every time you shoot this opponent. Use your sniper rifle to shoot them and shoot them accurately. When you destroy all you will earn yourself some points. Discover the mystery of this labyrinth to collect you the diamonds.

The game will give the number of diamonds and you need to find out. Hurry up so you can win it all. Run fast and enjoy new things. Take some risky action to start a new war. Your shooting skills are really good. I wish you can let Kill all your opponents. Experience more on this kind of shooting game Monster Craft at What do you think of when you share interesting shooting game with your friends? Join together in a fight to destroy the ferocious magic. What do you need to pay attention to without allowing yourself to add some other interesting game genres like 3D Royale and Relic Runway

How to play:

use your mouse to be able to accurately aim at the magic.