Lucky Looter

The thieves are raging in the city. People don't know how they get stuff out at night? Join the online game Lucky Looter now to answer that question. You will find it very interesting to join this game. You will enjoy the mission to become invisible super thieves with magic that cannot be seen. You will love it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? Experience the game now. Join us to learn the rules. Lucky Looter is an exciting 3D stealth game.

This type of game is a bit difficult. You need to be careful to avoid those "visions" so you can enter safely. Be patient when you enter or exit. You will move in the night with the observation of the police, they are suspicious of your presence and use the observation flashlight. You need to avoid detection and continue to steal all the furniture in the house. Quickly move to each place and grab everything. You can avoid police detection by going outside and coming back when you feel safe. They will see that some form of invisibility seems to have stolen the house's belongings.

Interesting, right? With the development of the level, the difficulty will get bigger and bigger. You will gradually pass on many levels. You show your agility and intelligence. How many levels you pass depends on your ingenuity. Are you ready to start the game? Wish you can steal more treasures in the game Lucky Looter at friv games. It would be great if you and your friends join some other games similar to Animal Dash And Jump and Block World

Game controls: Click to play a game.