Little Girl And The Bear Hidden Stars

Lucky golden stars are taking over this friv game. It is the key to opening the levels of this game. If you have participated in games similar to looking for stars, you will find this game very special. You will find it great that you can test your eyes and brain agility in this game. Are you ready to play now? We will discover many very special things. You will find things not too difficult but require you to do well. Little Girl and the Bear Hidden Stars is a free online hidden object and kids game.

That is 10 stars on 6 levels. Use the mouse and click the star when you see a star. The timer is located in the lower right corner of the screen and for the specified amount of time you must find and display ten stars in the displayed figure. So if you are ready, start the game and have fun! The game has a very fast timer, you will have to be very quick to be able to complete the task. In a short amount of time, you need to find 10 stars.

How would you feel if you saw them? You need to choose quickly to highlight it. In this game, the graphic design makes it very difficult for the hidden stars to find. It incorporates colors that make the searching process more complicated. But you will find it an honor to conquer it. Join the online game Little Girl And The Bear Hidden Stars at

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How to play: Use mouse to play.