Unicorn Simulator

Unicorn Simulator is a fascinating free online game at friv 2020 games in which you get to play as a colorful unicorn, one of the most wonderful mythical creatures you can find in fairy tales. Complete different kinds of tasks to earn coins and unlock new skins. In this 3D simulator, you will take on the role of a unicorn running freely through a huge field full of wild animals to interact with.  

You will have to fight other animals, form a large family and collect food for them. Welcome to the magical unicorn world! You have the opportunity to control a unicorn and raise a family. Complete tasks around the area and have some fun.

Surely this world will be extremely special to you and expand your list of favorite games with many other games like Forward Assault Remix and MiniMissions at https://friv2020.games/. Cool images Funny graphics help you play games in a more relaxed way. Feel this special thing. 

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = attack, Space = jump, Shift = run