Madman Runner

Race with great speed and jump over the obstacles of the character is very new. If you have time, you can join the Madman Runner online game at You will feel very comfortable when participating in this game. What are you waiting for? You will love it the first time you play it. You will freely use your dance technique to help the character go far. A boyfriend is feeling very excited when running so fast. Will he need your help to overcome all those difficulties? Would you like to get started now? You will feel great. What is your mission? Will you overcome all those challenges? We will explore the rules in this game.

Madman Runner is a classic runner game in which you help your character survive on a dangerous path. He has the urgent business he is running for, not mind his feet. Help him quickly react to an obstacle that emerges: a car, tires, bombs, and other objects. At the same time, you must collect coins and food so that you don't get exhausted from running non-stop. You will overcome obstacles on the way, fly, and jump over those dangers. You will need to observe and choose the right time to jump over quickly.

You will completely discover the fun in this super jump game. You will completely feel very happy. With a vivid graphic design, you will play on a beautiful beach by the sea. The perfect scenery, colors, and designs will bring you a wonderful feeling. You will feel very excited. How far will you run? How many obstacles will you overcome and how many gold coins will you collect. It all depends on your ingenuity. Play now online game Madman Runner at friv 3 play games. You will do well and join some other games similar to Highway Drive 2d and Sky Train Simulator: Elevated Train Driving Game

How to play: Use the mouse.