Farm Clash 3D

Farm Clash 3D at friv 4 school 2020 is now a farm game. You will love it the first time you play it. Do not miss the chance to discover new and interesting things when participating in this game. You will be the leader of a healthy cowboy army. Accept quests and start joining the challenging and challenging battle. Lead a brave army of cowboys and punish the evil Apaches, raid the ripe pumpkins of the farm.

Use deadly shotguns or secret weapons hidden deep below the level to stop the enemies. Move around the houses in search of useful secrets. You will be provided with shotguns, your army is quite large, combined to get the highest results. You will move around the farm, where there is a lot of agricultural storage. The enemies are trying to find the pumpkin storage area to take away.

Your task is to aim accurately when the thieves are discovered. In this dangerous battle, you will have to win, otherwise, you will die under the guns of the enemies. You will be proficient in using eyes and hands to accurately observe the target, shoot down quickly from a distance, do not let them have a chance to approach you.

The game has a lot of levels. You will discover many missions when passing each level. Each level will give you many new weapons and applications. How many enemies you will shoot down, you will become the leader of the victory, all thanks to your ingenuity and agility. Are you ready to start the game? Share with your friends about the fun in this game Farm Clash 3D at And what do you think if you can join some other games similar to Rocket Clash 3D and Into The Dead Trigger.

Control: WASD - motion, C - cower, SPACE - jump