Bus Parking in the Port

Bus parking in port is an interesting bus parking simulation waiting for you to explore on friv 2020 for free games. Your task is to maneuver a large bus on a port full of containers and other sorts of obstacles, find your parking space and leave your vehicle parked in the right direction. 

Avoid crashing other vehicles parked on your way and complete every level as fast as possible to earn three stars. With new and challenging stages that will test your driving skills. Get your steering wheel ready and start maneuvering that big bus on those tight turns and curves. Finish all the stages and get all the achievements.

Share them if you feel it is necessary for other online game players. Each game you participate in will help you after every learning hour. Relax and show off your skills in this new game. We also help you join many other similar games in your free time like Toy Cars and Car Drift Simulator at https://friv2020.games. Please update them as quickly as possible.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive