Ojek Pickup

Experience the feeling of becoming a motorbike taxi driver and picking up passengers according to the requirements given by the customer. Come now to find yourself a lot of relaxing moments on this road in the game Ojek Pickup at friv 2020 games. Nothing is too difficult. Your goal is to simply pick up passengers and return them on arrival. You just need to draw your path to help your cargo. Then your car will go on its own. Interesting, right? Become a motorbike taxi that helps players travel from one place to another with the same convenience and low cost. Please try to welcome guests with lots of work to help you pay a lot of money for yourself.

You only have to draw a path once. Wield that time and think for the correct directions your motorbike taxi can move as quickly and accurately as possible. Give the right order then receive the money. You can unlock many cars in the back that are waiting for you. The driver can be faster and carry more passengers. With an extremely simple design but new gameplay. You will play the game right from the first time you join. Let’s quickly experience the game for a very comfortable position. Get rid of all the stress and fatigue encountered in fighting games. Much more entertainment in this way of driving.

Luck will smile at you when you acquire the most important skill to be able to make the right path. Quickly invite your friends to join the game Ojek Pickup at https://friv2020.games/ to become the best car control. You need to pay attention that does not allow yourself to participate in some other interesting games like Truck Loader Online Master and Madman Runner

Control: Use mouse to co-create roads to drive.