Surely you've played an obstacle throwing game? But in BrokenPin online game at You will experience a lot of new things. Get ready to explore all that. Would you like to get started now? The special thing is waiting for you ahead. Feel and play hard. You will have a relaxing and fun time with your friends. Will you love it? Of course. Nothing will make you sad. What is your mission? Try to get started and become the best player. Together with each other success. Look for the rules of this game. This is an arcade game where you have to shoot and destroy, with one ball, several pins. It's a one-touch game.

This game builds on basketball playing rules. An interesting basketball will help you destroy all the given obstacles on the screen. Point the fruits towards the given objects on the screen. Hit and score points. Isn't that great? If you don't hit it you will have to play again. In each level, you will have to complete specific numbers. Hit how many objects the computer will track and count for you. If you reach the required amount, you will pass the level. Would you like to start the game with that much appeal or not?

You also have a chance to collect purple diamonds. It will appear with obstructions. Be quick and accurate to steal the diamond. With a vivid graphic design, you will be able to touch the new basketball competition. There is no need to put the ball into the basket but hit the ball with obstacles. Join BrokenPin online game at friv 4 school. Ready to join some other games similar to Pocket Hockey and Golf Blast

How to play: Use mouse to play.