Bird Simulator

The bird is unable to fly in the sky. Can you help it? If so, you come to the game Bird Simulator at friv school 2020 to enjoy the great things that it gives you. In a large area with lots of beautiful plants. Start a sky experience with a bird now. Fly it high. Discover new things in this game. With extremely simple but stylish graphic design, vivid sound. You are sure that you will be fascinated by the first time you join.

This bird will bring you a joy of relaxation after the exhausting stress of battles. You will be able to fly freely in the sky on your own. Fly at the fastest speed to explore and experience more than a new land. Try to control the bird based on cartoon art physics. Controlling it is not easy if you let the bird fall to the ground, you will have to finish this adventure. Let's fly and enjoy a bird sound that will make you feel extremely comfortable when coming to the game.

You get a few more challenges in the game Bird Simulator at It would be great for you to share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join now in the game to be able to control an extremely attractive bird. If you are interested in this game genre, let yourself a challenge to add a few other similar games Pixel Combat Multiplayer and Pirate Bomber - Jewel Hunter 

How to play: Use space and S key to take off, arrow keys to be able to move.