Pirate Bomber - Jewel Hunter

The Pirate King is trying to find a way to survive in this trapped place. Join now to the game Pirate Bomber - Jewel Hunter at free friv Games so you can help. Are you worried when you have to pay some money? You can never join this game for free without spending any money. Is it amazing? There will be bombs and jewels that fall from top to bottom unexpectedly. So you need to control the pirate dodge bombs and collect jewels.

It's difficult, isn't it? Because the jewels and the bombs are falling alternately. You need to react quickly to steer the pirate forward or backward. Dodge the bombs are the safest way. but pirates also come from different directions. So you can overcome this challenge. You need to use a lot of skills for yourself and intellect. Have a fun adventure with the challenge of the game. The more points you earn, the higher the number of products.

Relax with this entertaining game. The path you move is also very narrow; dodging bombs will become even more difficult. Save pirates from deadly traps right now in the game Pirate Bomber - Jewel Hunter at https://friv2020.games/. Let's share the game with your friends. Get involved with your friends to get the chance to have fun together in challenges. If you are passionate about this game genre. Do not forget to allow yourself to participate in a few other similar games such as Finger Soccer HD and Murder The Homicidal Liu - Into Damnation

How to play: Use the mouse to move the character back and forth.