Super Plumber

Welcome to the Super Plumber online game at friv games. You will experience a lot of fun and interest while playing this game. You will be acquainted with the work of a professional plumber. You will love the game the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? Get started right now. A lot of new things and surprises are waiting for you. You will do well on all quests and pass the levels of this game. Join us to find out the rules of this game. In the Super Plumber game, you will help a young plumber repair an urban water supply.

Before you get on the screen, you will see a certain area where the integrity of the pipes is broken. You will need to carefully examine everything. You will see on the screen there are pieces of water pipes are separated, they are messy and not in any direction. Your task is to use the mouse to control the pipes to change direction and match. The end result is a continuous pipe, water will flow through the closed pipe. Have you grasped all of those rules? Note that there are blue arrows on each section of the pipe.

That is the direction of the water and the direction of the arrangement of the pipeline. You must install the pipes that run in the correct direction by the blue arrow. The pipes will help clear the water and prevent flooding. If in a certain time you don't build a smooth pipe you will have to play all over again. The game has a lot of levels. How many levels will you pass and how many points will you achieve? It all depends on your ingenuity. Don't miss the chance to join the Super Plumber online game at Invite your friends to play and experience some other games similar to One Pipe and Racing Car Slide

How to play: Using the mouse.