Play and relax right now in a slime game genre that has the same fun. With every new gameplay and will be addictive from the first time participating Slimoban at Staying with the first levels will not be difficult you just need to move to the treasure's location. But the level behind, there will be a lot of difficulties for you. Because there are green mucus obstructions that make it difficult to travel along the way.

You cannot collide with it, you need to destroy it before moving to its position. Moreover, you must find the key to be able to open this Treasure chest. This is an entertaining adventure game but also requires some computation. Think most of the blue slime that can move and chase you. Don't let it hit you because this sucks. You will have to use the game at any time. Use obstacles to your advantage to be able to destroy places you cannot reach. Quickly access a lot of treasures on your side to bring you the highest score.

Unlock a lot of levels in the back. Later, there will be more difficulties as well as more fatal. But with your intelligence, you can completely observe and find the right direction for yourself. Choose for yourself a correct way of moving and bring yourself the safety of your character. Have fun sharing with your friends in the best quality control game Slimoban at friv games free. Do not forget to allow yourself to refer to a few more interesting games in other statues such as Draw Missing Part Puzzle and Amazing Word Twist

Control: Use mouse to bring yourself joy from the challenge.