Drive Boat

The boat is small but a necessity to be able to travel on the river with the game Drive Boat at friv games 2020. Can you join the game and complete your mission right now? Your goal is to drive all the passengers and take them to your destination. Try not to forget the passengers. If you forget a passenger you will not be able to win the game. Please move the boat to a nearby location. Then stop and move them safely on this river to avoid the boats.

Don't crash into them, it will be terrible for you. Try to avoid them carefully. If you pick up passengers and have an accident on the road you won't bring you some money. Go through all the levels to bring yourself a river experience. Drive a boat on the river to relieve stress and you encounter when participating in fighting games. Take all the passengers to the destination they requested then she will complete the level of the game.

How far can you drive safely? Turns are difficult traps for you. Let's focus on sailing the wisest boat. There are countless mysteries that you have not discovered in the game Drive Boat at If you are impressed with this game, recommend it to your friends. Join your friends right now in the game to get a lot of comforts when sailing. What do you think if you allow yourself to participate in a few other similar games like Floating Water Surfer Car and FastLaners

How to play: Use the mouse to be able to increase the speed when sailing.