Bricks Master

One of the key tasks of the brick smashing battle in the Bricks Master online game friv is to stay away from the red bricks. Are you clear about those things? How will you be when you bump into them? Start the game right now to experience all that fun. Explore more together for interesting moments. What are you waiting for? Experience now. Together we will experience new things and surprises that are ahead. What is your mission? Together we create new things. How many levels can you beat? Smash bricks with frenetic speed and adrenaline.

Don't let the ball touch the red blocks or you will die. Are you ready? Good luck. You will smash bricks together and pass many levels in this game. Are you ready to go on with those missions? You will control a ball to proceed to smash the bricks. You will observe those bricks closely. On the tile with the letter O round, you let the ball fall naturally, the brick will break. But if there is an arrow on the tile you need to observe and move the tile left or right so that it disappears. If you are about to encounter a red brick, you need to move it quickly or you will die.

It is strictly forbidden for the ball to collide with red bricks, that is your weakness. The game has a lot of levels, how many levels will you pass and how many scores will you achieve? It all depends on your ingenuity. The opportunity to experience the Bricks Master online game at Invite your friends to join some other games similar to Ddtank Tap and Thunder Plane

Control: PC: Swipe left, swipe left, click. Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Both arrows Phone: Swipe left, Swipe left, Tap.