Super Escape Masters

The quest is somewhat risky. What do you think about prison escape? The prisoners are trying to escape the eyes of the elite police team. Who will you be in the Super Escape Masters online game at friv games free. You will play the role of thieves. Pretty special mission, right? Together we will feel new when accepting the mission of a thief. Feel the fun of thieves in this game. Are they bad guys? What do they do to harm the police? Are not! Are they just trying to dig tunnels and escape from their detention? The policemen are on very strict patrol.

They could only hide underground and escape to the outside. That is a special mission in this game. Join your friends to escape prison and enjoy the exciting adventure underground. Dig properly, arrange many obstacles to enjoy your freedom. Complete 24 exciting levels avoiding spikes, boxes, explosives, water, and the guards to reach the truck and leave the place. Save as many friends as possible and collect gold and keys to complete all levels to the maximum in this awesome and frantic escape.

Don't let your friends stay behind and run for your life. Digging tunnels together and looking for the golden keychains, gold fragments lurking underground. You will most likely become rich when you escape from prison. The game has a lot of levels. How many levels will you pass and how many points will you achieve? It all depends on your ingenuity. You will be ready now with Super Escape Masters online game at Play now and enjoy some other games similar to Clash of Goblins and Hellcopter even more fun!

Game controls: Mouse.