Smoothie Maker

Your restaurant is famous for its delicious smoothies. You will do a good job as a bartender in the online game Smoothie Maker at friv games. You will be serving a lot of customers. You are completely convinced by the very impressive composition. You will love it the first time you play it. What are you waiting for? Start the challenges now. Your task is to prepare the customer smoothly according to their requirements.

Get creative and have fun making wholesome, delicious, and colorful smoothies! Decorate them, service them to your friends. Customers have different requirements, you will have 30 seconds to choose the ingredients and put them into the processing machine. If you do it right, they are satisfied, you will get money. Businesses will be much more favorable. Every day you will meet a lot of customers, you are very busy, it is also quite hard work. You will feel very happy serving many customers and they also feel satisfied with you.

We will start happy things together. Initially, customers will come to your shop in turn. But more and more they came at the same time and there were many, 2 or 3 people at the same time. You have to quickly select the ingredients and mix the correct mixing process to be satisfied. You will be trained in customer care skills as well as the preparation process. You will be under pressure from work that requires you to be agile. Enjoy the blender's job in Smoothie Maker online game at Chance to start more fun by playing another game similar to Family Relics and The Celebrity Way of Life

Game controls: Use mouse to play.