Bff Summer Fashion

To be able to transform into the most professional fashion designers. What do you need to do with this fashion and makeup game Bff Summer Fashion at friv Games free. There will be two princesses asking for their best friends at today's dinner party.

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the most necessary makeup steps. Choose a pair of curvy lashes to make her more attractive. Add a lipstick red or purple Blue according to your preference. But I think red lipstick would suit her better.

You can choose from eye colors like orange or pink. In the end, her cheeks have become extremely beautiful. What do you need to do next? is the incarnation for her to become a true princess. A long curly hair will make her extremely beautiful.

Can you choose a yellow dress to accentuate her white skin more? Add a pair of heels of the same color tone as it is an outfit that is indispensable to accessories such as earrings and necklaces. Completion for the first girl in the girl was perfect and satisfied with your choice.

Do the same with the second girl in ways to choose them each with their style. Each of them a set of clothes to be the most unique in today's party. When you finish is also when you have completed the task given by the game and will get a high score as well as the most professional clothing selection skill.

Let's share this fashion game Bff Summer Fashion at friv 2020 with your friends. Join your friends to transform into the best makeup house. Enjoy in a few other similar fashion game genresShootout Bender  at

Control: Use mouse to choose all the cool costumes together.