Babel Tower

You are building the tower of Babel, it will reach into the sky! You have a team of experts: miners, builders, builders, lumbermen, builders, who will help you achieve success in this incremental idle game. Don't miss the chance to play the Babel Tower game online at friv 4. You will love it the first time you play. Do you want to start experiencing more great things? You will experience the work of builders. You will do all of those tasks well. You will do this well. Exciting new machines are unlocked with every level of the tower.

There will be Quarry for Crane quarry for transporting bricks to the upper floors of the Forest tower for logging, and Lumumber for board production. Rock transfer loads higher And more! Play the game and discover how to build the tallest tower in the world! You will build a tower which is an asset that will bring you large sums of money. Vibrant graphic design, you will be participating in the game very realistic.

You will be playing the role of the construction contractor. Experience the hardship of the builders' mission. You will have a lot of fun. You will do all that well. Start Babel Tower online game at Your chance to join some other games similar to Clash Of Skulls and Heads Mayhem

How to play:

Press and hold on the screen to quarry, switch stones to handling, speeding up brick creation, tree felling, and other operations. Sell ​​some of your resources at Marketplace to earn money on upgrades. Up to a certain level of upgrade, the work will automatically operate, you will admire and have fun. Restarting your tower will bring you Golden Bricks, which helps increase mining power, production, and increase the market price.