Anna's Short Hair Studio

Three princesses from Friv online: Cinderella, Belle, and Elsa want to change their hairstyles to make their appearances a little different. Here at Friv land, Anna's barbershop is one of the most famous ones. They are here to seek some help, which means that you need to utilize your amazing styling tips and skills to design a stylish short hair for everyone. Short hair is all the rage these days, but each facial shape is suitable with one kind of style.

Can you make short hair look good on everyone? The studio has all kinds of tools and equipment so that you can freely follow your imagination. From the curling wand, the combs, hairsprays and hair dyes, the game at prepares all of them for you! First, choose the princess that you want to help in order. Then, come up with a suitable hairstyle for her in your mind. As you are going to make short hairstyle, the first thing must be cutting the hair. Divide the hair into different sections and start combing them to make sure that each section is smooth.

Remember to detangle them as well! Now, you can start using the different techniques that you learned to transform the style. Dye, curl, straighten as you wish. All that matters is whether the style suits the princess or not. You can also replay the game many times to coordinate more pieces and items into the styles. Challenge your inner stylist with other girl games for free such as Pirate Girls Treasure Hunting and Go On A Date.

Controls: Use the left mouse to choose and interact.