Truck Simulator

Truck Simulator is a game to drive an ambulance, a ice cream truck or even a tractor. Get into an ambulance, an ice-cream van or even a tractor. There are driving challenges ready to be tackled in this three-dimensional envirovment. Explore the many streets and short cuts, before going onto a time-sensitive mission. 

With the money you've earned you can improve your truck, or even buy a new one if you've grown tired of your old one. Switch perspectives and experience the game from the driver's seat, or the exciting action cam stuck to the driver's door. Pay attention to your fuel meter or you will end up losing valuable time, waiting for the tank to fill up again. But the city you explore isn't empty of course. Try you best to maneuver around them and still get to where you need to be. Enjoy Truck Simulator. 

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Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake C = camera