Survival Craft

Traps will make you feel extremely difficult when participating in the challenge of this game. Don't worry; I believe you will win everything when you acquire the skills. Get started now! The game Survival Craft at friv 2020 games will make you feel satisfied with what it brings. Are you bored with fashion cooking game genres? If so, this game will make you feel extremely excited and relieve stress. You will appear in front of a maze with countless walls.

Your goal in this game is to fight the monsters that appear in the maze and try to survive in the maze. They appear much unexpected. What skills will you use when fighting them? Let's observe and catch the exact sight. If you are slow, you cannot win the game. Run fast until you feel dangerous. Take advantage of every opportunity to help you fight better. Shoot a gun at breakneck speed to kill all the monsters. Don't miss any names you have become the last survivor in the maze. Let's bring you a high score and pass hundreds of levels of the game.

The game does not require time; you just need to focus on this fight most safely. Don't let them shoot at you, then you will be defeated and end this war. All those great things are only in the game Survival Craft at It will be fun to share the game with your friends. Join your friends in an intense battle. Remember to allow yourself to experience a few more types of fighting games with other similar things Monster Craft and Air Fighter

How to play:

Use the mouse to be able to conquer the game.