Neon Catapult

Relax even more in an amazing and exciting shoot-on-target genre that's sure you never get involved anywhere. Let's hurry to experience and this game Neon Catapult at With an amazing graphic design. Are you confident you can use the ball and destroy all the targets? This then needs to depend on your wisdom. You will have the number of balls that the game requires. So you need to make use of the balls one by one.

Let's drag and aim the most accurate shot. Then release and let the balloons hit the targets. When you kill you will earn yourself the highest score and unlock the next level. But do not be happy do not rush because there will be obstacles to protect these goals. So it is very difficult for you to shoot the most accurately. Try to focus on the game and shoot one with a very strong force.

Then you will be able to break the goals. If you shoot the ball too lightly, the target will not be defeated by you. Destroying the same protective obstacles earns you the highest score. The more targets you destroy, the higher you will score and unlock more fascinating levels. You can use both firecrackers with countless weapons to destroy this target together. Let's quickly explore the game so as not to miss any great things. With an extremely colorful graphic design, the game makes it attractive from the first time participating. It's fun when you invite your friends to join this game Neon Catapult at friv games free to become the best target killer. Do not hesitate but allow yourself to participate in a few other similar types of games Potion Ingredient Match and Mango Mania

Control: Use the mouse to destroy the nearest target.



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