Mango Mania

Enjoy lots of great things only in this adventure game. You will feel refreshed when participating in the quest. Let's enjoy it right now in the game Mango Mania at friv games 2020. In a forest there is a very favorite little monster which is a mango and a diamond. So help him on his way to collect mangoes and diamonds so he can unlock more levels. It is difficult because the mangoes are in a very high position and require skillful movement to help them. You can quickly jump up or move to bring yourself a mango and unlock the next level.

Try not to miss any mango. Because it is all your chance to win. The blue diamond is the key where you can escape from this level. Later on, there will be deadly traps that make it difficult for you on the road nothing. You just have to have fun in this game and collect ripe mangoes. You will have fun in this game with lots of levels behind and the specials of which await you. Please dodge these pitfalls because shooting will cause you to stop the game at any time.

Jump accurately don't fall into gaps. This will make it impossible to get to the position of the mangoes. Countless interesting things are only in this game Mango Mania at It's fun to share your game with your friends and relax with the little monsters. Don't forget to allow yourself to explore a few more similar game genres like Drifting Mustang Slide and Type Run

Control: Use the arrow keys to be able to jump high.



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