Lumberjack River Exit

Animals swimming in this river with countless fragments of trees appeared. So you won't be able to swim between these rivers and return home. Can you find the best way? If so then please join now in the game Lumberjack River Exit at friv game online. Your boat has been stuck in the middle of a river with countless obstacles. You need to find a way to move it accordingly and get yourself out of the river. This is the best way. This is a game that helps you to improve your brain smarter in puzzles and games.

Mountains with fresh air and rivers that were completely dumbfounded were clogged with almost half of the animal forest swimming in them. Mostly fallen trees and even abandoned boats. It is difficult for you to clear the place and move around. But if you have an intelligent brain think about moving all the objects accordingly so you can create a path you can walk. Genetically on a quiet and peaceful raft and find a way to get home before night falls. The game requires time so your brain has to move as quickly as possible.

Luck will smile when you get a smart brain. The way home ahead is extremely arduous. But if you solve this question, you will pass the level and unlock the next level. The following levels will try to remember animal movements. Do not worry, but join the game more difficult to train yourself to be a quick brain. It's great when you and your friends experience this game Lumberjack River Exit at to bring me a lot of useful knowledge. Explore in a few other similar types of puzzle games Neon Catapult and Potion Ingredient Match

Control: Use mouse to be able to move all the rubble.



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